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Inspiration Afire:
A Passion for the Magnificent

Inspirational Images & Text
by Robert Frutos
Cost: $65.00 plus $10.00 shipping
To Order call Robert
Robert's Inspirational
Coffee Table Book

This is a rare book - one conceived, created, written, 
and photographed by a visionary
artist with a unique & extraordinary vision.

It is both an inspired celebration of the wonder and beauty
of Hawaii and an inspiring journey of discovery. 

Its purpose is simple: to ignite YOUR inspiration
and reawaken YOUR passion...
Your inspired journey awaits you!

" VERY, very nice work Robert, congratulations! 
You have the eye and the art." 

- Keenan Ward, Internationally known nature photographer

Robert's Inspirational & Educational
Photo Guide Book
Photographing Nature In Hawaii:
Capturing the Beauty & Spirit 
of the Islands

Offering Inspiration, instruction,
and a guide to some of the most magnificent places to capture those potential once-in-a-lifetime image

Cost: $9.95 
Robert's Newest DVD

" Nature Photographer, Robert Frutos offers a unique vision. 
With sensitivity and awareness he draws from the world around 
him and communicates through his photographs a world of clarity, beauty, and wonder - through extraordinary vision, inspiration, 
and a palette of light that both uplifts and inspires. "  

- J. Donald Walters, world renown lecturer, author, artist

Just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful book and instruction within.  
I gained some valuable insights, boosted my confidence and came away 
with a few excellent lmages.  Your book Photographing Nature in Hawaii 
was a very enriching experience for me.

- John Bain, aspiring nature photographer

Enchanted Hawaii
A Celebration of Mystical Landscapes,
Inspired Visions 
& Extraordinary Beauty

A new HD DVD by Robert Frutos one of Hawaiis most well-known Camera Artists & Vidoegraphers

Cost: $20.00 includes free shipping
Announcing a NEW Inspirational HD DVD by Robert Frutos

Through a winning combination of stunning images and videos,
Robert has created a rich and inspiring visual experience that
takes you deep into the wonder, beauty, and Spirit of Hawaii.

Enhanced by uplifting slack key guitar music, Hawaiian chanting,
plus a bonus soundtrack entitled: " Pele "

all combine to offer an experience of deep relaxation,
upliftment, and inspiration.

Robert shares...

Welcome, come join me on a journey…  
A journey of unutterable beauty and magnificent wonder, 
a journey across the landscapes of the heart  
where inspiration, imagination, 
and creativity reside,  
where dreams and love and hope are born,
where spirit soars and radiant peace abounds…

Introductory offer:

Cost: $20.00 
(includes free shipping in U.S.)

To Order:

Send payment directly to PayPal at rfphoto3@gmail.com

or mail check, made out to:

Robert Frutos
P.O. Box 1033
Volcano, Hi
" GOD bless Photographer, Robert Frutos, for his love 
for the HAWAIIAN PEOPLE and being among
the best camera artist in the business. "  

- Stephanie Terlep, Native Hawaiian

Robert has written a number of  photo books that will help you 
to create and capture successful and dynamic images -
all based on his personal experience in the image-making world.

The books listed below are available through Amazon
except: Hawaii Inspiration Afire: A Passion for the Magnificent
and Enchanted Hawaii,  a new inspirational DVD, 
both are available directly from Robert (see below).
Robert's Newest Photo Book
Light on Hawaii: 
Capturing the Dynamic Islandscape
A Photographers Approach

What this book offers is inspiration and techniques, with proven steps 
and approaches - to capture extraordinary images.

Unlike most photography books today, it shares the insights, details, and secrets - for creating stunning, successful, and dynamic images.

While most photographers are unwilling to divulge their techniques and/or locations, I happily offer to you more than 35 years of photographic wisdom and experience garnered from a wonderfully successful adventure in the image-making world.

Caution... through the inspirations and techniques offered
in this book... you will be able to “see” with new photographic eyes
that will enable you to look out on a new light-world.

" May you continued to be blessed with light,
and share your vision with many others. "

- Michael Fatali, Internationally known nature photographer

Cost: $17.95

Cost: $65.00 plus $10.00 shipping

To Order:

Send payment directly to PayPal at rfphoto@jps.net

or mail check, made out to:

Robert Frutos
P.O. Box 1033
Volcano, Hi