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The Spirit of Aloha Hiking Tours are a unique opportunity to 
appreciate more deeply the value of your time here, 
and greatly enrich your experience of the Big Island
as well as have a more varied and exciting during your stay.

Whether you are anticipating a visit to an active volcano,
wandering through a tropical rainforest,
discovering a black sand beach with green sea turtles,
enjoying the magnificence of the rugged Kau coast,
or deepening your understanding of the cultural significence
that gives Hawai'i its unique and extraordinary flavor,
the Aloha Spirit,

the Spirit of Aloha Hiking Tours guide service offers, local knowledge, and cultural sensitive expertise - combined to give you 
an unsurpassed Big Island experience.

Each tour is an exclusive private adventure for you, 
your family or group. 

Each tours is unique and purposefully designed to give you 
an unforgettable Hawai'i experience:

The Crater and Rainforest Tour
an Extraordinary Combination
Experience the magnificence of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
View the live Halema'uma'u Crater with its lave lake and plume
Hike a pristine tropical rainforest with 30' tree ferns
Walk through an ancient, yet, easily accessible lava tube

4 Hour Tour: 1st person $345.00, 2nd person $000.00
6 Hour Tour: Includes panoramic coastal views, coastal exploration, and a lava field experience
1st person $495.00, second person $50.00

The Scenic Puna Coast Tour
Explore the wild and scenic Puna Coast
Walk to a new black sand beach
Be escorted through a primitive jungle
Soak in the coastal warm springs

4 hour Tour: 1st person $345.00, second person $000.00
6 Hour Tour: 1st person $495.00, second person $50.00

​The Magnificent Kau Coast Tour
Visit a black sand beach with Hawaiian green sea turtles
Explore the untamed magnificent Kau Coast
Visit the southern most point of the Big Island - South Point, 
it's a world apart, unlike and other place on the Big Island 
(which is also the most southern point in the USA)

6 Hour Tour: 1st person $495.00, second person $85.00 

The Gold Coast Tour
Explore the beautiful coast line known as the Gold Coast
(north of Kona) with sweeping coastal and mountain views
The sunniest destination on the Big Island boasts heavenly 
white sand beaches, seldom visited areas with Hawaiian green 
sea turtles, and the awesome Pololu Valley

6 Hour Tour: 1st Person $595.00, second person $85.00

The Botanical Garden and Waterfall Tour
The botanical garden we visit is a unique tropical nature preserve
and sanctuary. Through this garden valley - trails meander -
crossing bubbling streams, with several beautiful waterfalls,
culminating in exciting ocean vistas. Over 2000 species of plants
live in this one-of-a-kind wonderland.
We also visit the uncomparable 420 ft. Akaka falls.

6 Hour Tour: 1st Person $495.00, second person $50.00
(includes entrance fee to the botanical gardens)

The Hawaii Cultural Significant & Sacred Site Tour
This tour is for those who want a deeper understanding and insight
into the traditions, and perspectives of the Hawai'ian people
and culture. We will visit ancient sites considered sacred 
by the Hawai'ian people.

6 Hour Tour: 1st person $585.00. second person $50.00

Private Charter - Design Your Own Big Island Experience
If you have something in mind, we will work with you 
to develop a tour that suits and meets your specific needs.

Contact us today
and let us help you put together an unforgettable 
Hawai'i experience.

Cost: By Arrangement

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